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eCommerce SEO

What is e-commerce?

Because search engines use increasingly complex algorithms to find searchers around the web, they often treat individual searches differently. E-commerce SEO focuses on optimizing ecommerce sites to help their products be found through both search engines and online product search. Ecommerce SEO experts understand the nuances of search in e-commerce and build strategies that produce results at the level of detail, helping online stores sell more products.

How does it benefit me?

In short, more search traffic means more opportunities to sell the product. Relevant traffic means better conversion rates. Our e-commerce marketing strategy focuses on increasing relevant traffic by identifying what someone might look for when searching for specific products and optimizing those keywords. You’ll see increased traffic, sales, and your ratio of conversions.

Ecommerce SEO strategy is a long-term strategy that requires months of investment to be able to see results. Search engines constantly change the way they view web pages and the factors they deemed to produce the most useful results for end users. It often takes six months to see the results, but the results can have a big impact.

On Page Optimization

On page optimization involves updating content on product pages while ensuring that each product page has all the information required to enable search engines to appreciate the information in the listing. Different technical aspects of each page are analyzed and adjustments are made in the field including meta data on the page and URL structure. Our SEO specialists are working to ensure that technical limits are addressed to provide more control over relevant information.

Off Page Optimization

Search engine optimization for online stores often relies on page elements to build authority and ensure products are found online. Our SEO specialists will investigate different channels where product or reference placements can be strong references to web users and associated login links for those products. It also involves ensuring the products available in the related product directories where many online stores are cataloged to help fans and professionals find the products they need.

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