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10 Reasons Why WordPress is Good for SEO

Is WordPress good for SEO?

As a website creation platform, WordPress offers many features that can be used on your business website. Whether WordPress is good for SEO depends on what you put on your website and how you want your site to be designed.

First, let’s look at the main features of a WordPress site:

  • Easy-to-optimize Title Tags and Titles

One of the most important components of SEO is the title tag (which appears in search results) and the title (which appears on your web page). Google can use these elements to help determine the relevance of your site and load it into search results. WordPress allows you to set title tags and titles that can be optimized without you having to understand the programming code from WordPress itself. You can choose the right features and designs for your site without you having to enter your web Hosting Control Panel, this feature makes it easy for you to determine the elements that you will install on your site.

  • Proper HTML markup

WordPress allows you to create HTML pages that are easily understood by search engines. Your site’s page structure displays text paragraphs, links to content and titles. With HTML markup, WordPress makes it easy for you to structure your site, so visitors and search engine robots can easily read your site.

  • Easily modify the Structure of a link or Permalink

WordPress makes it easy for you to create a special URL or commonly called a permalink, this feature makes it easy for you to write a URL that matches the content of your page and you can use the keywords you are targeting. For example, if you write a blog post about how to build a house, you can create a URL like “” This URL shows visitors and search engines that your page is relevant to the keyword “how to build a house.” WordPress lets you create URLs that you like. This feature can help your website rank better in search results that are relevant to the keywords you have targeted before.

  • It’s easier to optimize images

Images play an important role on your site. Visitors not only want to see the writing but also images contained on your site and more than 94% of site visitors prefer to see visual images rather than only content that contains text. The WordPress platform makes it easy to add visuals to your site and make your site pages more attractive to look at. WordPress also allows you to add alternative text to images on your site, adding alternative text to images can also help search engines understand the meaning of your images.

  • The default theme that has been optimized for SEO

When you ask again. “Is wordpress good for SEO?” so many people will tell you that WordPress is a very good choice to create a website because there are many themes available and optimized for SEO. WordPress itself offers a default theme that has been optimized for SEO when you install WordPress for the first time but, if you are not satisfied with an existing theme, you can also buy a Premium Theme and activate it on your WordPress site.

  • Many Plugins that can help the development of the Site

Plugins have an important role in developing websites that are SEO Friendly and WordPress offers many plugins that can help you create functional websites that are most suitable for your business. You can add one or many plugins on your website but it would be nice if you add a plugin that suits your needs so as not to overload the server because too many assets will be loaded by the number of plugins you install.

  • Has many plugins for SEO

Yoast SEO: With Yoast SEO, you get everything you need to make sure your website is SEO Friendly. Yoast gives you the details of on-page SEO, there are features for optimizing keywords, removing duplicate content, paid addons such as SEO Premium, Local SEO and more.

All in One SEO: This SEO plugin offers features to help your site become more SEO Friendly. You can create an XML sitemap and add Google Analytics code, title tag optimization etc. Using the All in One SEO Pack can help optimize your site for SEO.

SEOPress: SEOPress is another option for making your WordPress site SEO Friendly. With this plugin, you can add structured data, share your cash on social media and more.

  • Designed with Pagespeed that is fast

Site speed can affect whether or not your visitors convert to customers and 74% of visitors who use mobile will leave your site if your site’s pages contain assets for more than 7 seconds, many visitors don’t want to wait for your website to load. If your site’s PageSpeed ​​takes more than 7 seconds, they will leave your site and visit your competitor’s site and you don’t want this to happen, do you? And you need to know, a slow website can reduce your site’s ranking in search results in the Google search engine page.

  • Mobile-optimized

One of the features offered by WordPress is Mobile Friendly. You need to know, your site ranking may be decreased in search engine pages if your site is not Responsive and Mobile Friendly. WordPress allows you to choose themes that are mobile-friendly and responsive to other devices such as tablets and desktops. In addition, you can use the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) plugin to make your site more Mobile Friendly because AMP itself is designed for mobile.

  • Site Security

If you invest your time in creating a website, choosing SEO plugins, looking for good themes, increasing PageSpeed ​​etc., then the last thing you need to do is secure it. Without good site security, your site is very risky to be hacked. WordPress itself is relatively safe, but is always targeted by hackers because WordPress itself is well known. To help secure your site, you can install plugins, such as Wordfence Security or Jetpack.

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